A Part of our Past

In 1956 the WLUCC Board met with the Manitoba government to select a site on Regatta Bay for a summer camp for youth. Once a site was selected, work commenced with clearing of trees and brush to make way for cabins and a lodge. This work was done by volunteers in their spare time and over the next few years Loon Lodge was constructed along with 4 sleeping cabins, a cooks/infirmary cabin and a directors/craft cabin. In the late 1980’s a washroom with showers was completed.

In the years coming up to the 50th anniversary of the camp, the Board undertook a number of upgrading projects. A new dock system was installed that was more environmentally friendly as well as removable at the end of the season to reduce ice damage. A complete water system with pump, filters and UV filter were constructed in the new pump house so that cooks no longer needed to haul water from the Wellman Lake campground. A decision was also made to extend the summer camping season to a year round program that would engage all ages in a variety of activities. A new hall called “Fellowship Hall” (named after the fellowship of men and woman volunteers who came together and volunteered during construction) commenced construction in 2007 and was completed in mid 2010 at a cost of $425,000. This year round hall is heated/cooled by a geo-thermal heating system and is well insulated including state of the art lighting, windows and doors.

Activities being held at the new facility include the regular summer camp program as well as weddings, family reunions, outdoor education with local school boards, 4-H, Girl Guides, school groups, company meetings, government meetings and non-governmental organizations

Fellowship hall is 3000 sq. ft. in size and is fully contained with a fully outfitted kitchen, washrooms, laundry facilities, and office with satellite wireless, small meeting room and large activity room.