Associations & Accreditation

Wellman Lake United Church Camp is a member of United Church Camps and the Manitoba Camping Association.

A big thank you goes out to all the people that helped us to achieve both the United Church Accreditation and Manitoba Camping Standards Accreditation. Many hours were put in to make this a reality. Ongoing audits and visits ensure we are compliant with new or emerging policies.

Wellman Lake United Church Camp adheres to a strict set of standards to insure that the safety of the campers and staff are met. These standards are reviewed every three years.

Organized children's and family camps have to obey a range of laws to operate, but these laws do not cover everything that pertains to providing a safe and quality camp. In 1969, a number of camps in Manitoba got together to define the standards and practices that would maximize the safety and quality of the camp experience for campers.

Many camps choose to operate by these standards and practices. An accredited camp is one that has been visited by senior staff from other camps and the MCA, and has been found to be consistently applying these standards and practices. Accredited camps are visited every three years, and make a commitment in writing to maintain the standards between visits.