Frequently Asked Questions

Should I send money with my child and if so, how much?
We have Tuck available on site as well as allow campers to visit the Wellman Lake Lodge on beach days. Campers should not bring more than $10.00 to camp.

How can I contact my child if there is an emergency?
To contact a camper in an emergency situation, please call the camp at (204) 525-2468. Cooks are in the lodge for most of the day and campers and staff are there at all meal times as well as in the evenings.

How will I know if you received my registration?
Your cheque will be cashed.

How do I get a receipt for my payment?
You will receive a receipt on the first day of camp (opening day) from your child’s counselor.

What kind of meals/snacks will my child get?
We offer nutritional, well balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. If your child has special dietary concerns please note this on your application. We work hard to accommodate special dietary needs and need to advice those who buy groceries as well as the cooks in advance of campers arriving at camp.

Is there financial aid for families who can't afford the registration fees?
We never want to turn away a camper because of financial need. Funding may be available to you through the Sunshine Fund.

Can I come with my child to camp?
ABSOLUTELY! We do not have many parents that stay at camp with their child, as this can sometimes make it more difficult for them to adjust to camp activities. We do have places for parents to serve (in the kitchen, mowing lawns, driving boat, cleaning, building) but this needs to be planned in advance. We do ask that your child remain with his cabin leader at all times but we don’t have a problem with you being here.

I did not opt for a T-shirt on the registration form. Can my child still get one?
Yes we have T-shirts available at the camp that can be purchased.